Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Scala Interview Questions and Answers

Now-a-days, most of the Finance/Banking, Government, Telecom, Social Networking etc. companies are using Scala, Play and Akka Framework to develop their projects because these frameworks support both OOPs and FP features and also provide many advantages.
I am going to share my Interview’s Knowledge and Scala Ecosystem or Fullstack Scala (Scala/Play/Akka) Development experience with you through couple of posts.
I’m going to share you 3 separate posts. Some questions are just one question and some have some sub-questions. Totally am going to discuss around 200 questions. I bet if you are familiarize with all these questions, you will definitely clear all Scala Developer interviews. However, if you want to continue as a Fullstack Scala developer, you should learn all these Fullstack Scala technologies thoroughly.
I’m going to deliver Scala/Play/Akka Interview Questions and Answers in three parts:
Please click those link to access my tutorials.
  1. Scala Basic Interview Questions and Answers:-
  2. We will discuss some basic Scala Interview questions here, which are useful for Freshers or Java Developers want to move to Scala development or 1+ Year of Experience as Scala Developer.
  3. Scala Intermediate Interview Questions and Answers:-
  4. We will discuss some interview questions, which are useful for 2+ Years of Experience as Scala/Java Developer.
  5. Scala Advanced Interview Questions and Answers:-
  6. We will discuss some Interview Questions, which are useful for Senior or Experienced Scala/Java Developer.
    Direct URLs:

    1Scala Basic Interview Questions and Answers
    2Scala Intermediate Interview Questions and Answers
    3Scala Advanced Interview Questions and Answers
    4Scala Intermediate and Advance Interview Questions and Answers   (IN Progress)

    That’s it all about “Scala Interview Questions and Answers”. We will discuss some more Scala Interview Questions and Answers in my coming posts.
    Please drop me a comment if you like my post or have any issues/suggestions.

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