Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Scala 2.12 New Features

Typesafe (Lightbend) Team is going to release Scala New Version 2.12 soon. 

As of now it is in Milestone Releases. In this post, we are going to discuss Scala New features introducing in New Version 2.12.

We will list out the features list in this post and will discuss them in detail in my coming posts.

To use Scala 2.12, we need minimum JDK 1.8.

Scala 2.12 New Features

  1.  Full Java SE 8 Support
  2.  Interoperability with Java SE 8 Features
  3.  Turn FunctionN into Functional Interfaces to support Java SE 8 Interoperability
  4.  Introducing @interface annotation to define traits
  5.  Improved lazy val initialization
  6.  Style Checker
  7.  Improved Collections
  8.  Improved Documentation

We will pick-up these features one by one and discuss them in detail in my coming posts.

Please drop me a comment if you like my posts or have any questions or suggestions or issues.

Thank you.

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