Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hibernate ORM 5 New Features

In this post, we are going to discuss about Hibernate ORM(Object/Relational Mapping) 5 New Features.

RedHat has released Hibernate ORM 5.0 on August 20, 2015 with lots of new features and improvements.

Hibernate ORM 5 New Features

  1. New Bootstrap API
  2. Java 8 support
  3. Expanded AUTO id generation support
  4. Naming strategy split
  5. Attribute Converter support
  6. Better "bulk id table" support
  7. Transaction management
  8. Schema Tooling
  9. Typed Session API
  10. Improved OSGi support
  11. Improved Bytecode Enhancement capabilities
  12. Spatial/GIS support

New Bootstrap API
Hibernate ORM 4.x Configuration API has lots of problems and limitations. To solve all those problems, Hibernate ORM 5.0 has introduced "New Bootstrap API".

We will discuss about Hibernate ORM 5 Bootstrap API in-detail with suitable examples as a separate post.

Java SE 8 Support
Hibernate ORM  5.0 supports all new features of Java SE 8.

We will discuss all these new features in-detail in my coming posts.

Attribute Converter Support
Hibernate ORM  5.0 supports JPA 2.1 AttributeConverters.

Transaction Management
Hibernate ORM  5.0 has improved Transaction Management by redesigning it.

And many more new features.

Happy Hibernate ORM  5.0 Learning!

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