Thursday, 26 February 2015

MongoDB 3.0 Features

MongoDB 3.0

MongoDB Version 3.0 is about to release in March 2015. They have added lot of new features to MongoDB database.

MongoDB 3.0 New Features:
  1. Pluggable Storage Engine API
  2. Supports WiredTiger Storage Engine
  3. Increased Number of Replica Sets
  4. Replica Set Step Down Behavior Changes
  5. Enhancements in Sharded Clusters
  6. New Query Introspection System
  7. Enhanced Logging
  8. Query Enhancements
  9. Indexes Enhancements

Pluggable Storage Engine API

MongoDB 3.0 introduces a pluggable storage engine API that allows third parties to develop storage engines for MongoDB.

Increased Number of Replica Sets

MongoDB 3.0 supports upto 50 Replica Set Members.

New Query Introspection System

This new Query Introspection System is used to  provide an improved output format and a finer-grained introspection into both query plan and query execution.

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