Friday, 12 January 2018

Im authoring this book: Scala Reactive Programming

Dear Friends,

As you know, I have shared many tutorials to you on Java and Scala related technologies through the following websites/blogs:
I got fantastic response from you and thank you so much.

With this confidence, I have started authoring a Scala Book through Packt Publishing and would like to share those details with you now.

Book Title: Scala Reactive Programming
Technology Stack: 
Scala, Play Framework, Akka Toolkit, Akka Streams, Lagom Framework, ConductR

Brief Table of Content:
Part 1- Functional and Asynchronous
     Chapter 1: Getting started With Reactive and Functional Programming
     Chapter 2: Functional Scala
     Chapter 3: Asynchronous Programming with Scala
Part 2 - Develop FRP Applications
     Chapter 4: Building Reactive Applications With Akka
     Chapter 5: Adding Reactiveness with RxScala
     Chapter 6: Extending Application with Play
Part 3 - Reactive Applications with Akka Streams
     Chapter 7: Working with Reactive Streams
     Chapter 8: Integrating Akka Streams to Play Application
Part 4 - Extend, Test & Deploy Reactive Microservice Architecture
    Chapter 9: Reactive Microservices With Lagom
    Chapter 10: Testing Reactive Microservices
    Chapter 11: Managing Microservices in ConductR
    Chapter 12: Securing Scala Reactive Microservices
    Chapter 13: Reactive Design Patterns & Best Practices

We are going to release this book by the End of Feb 2018.

Thank you for supporting me.

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