Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Install Firefox old version in Ubuntu (Linux)

Sometimes, we need to use old version to test some kind of testing like Acceptance tests, Performance tests, Browser Stack Testing etc.

My Linux system has default latest version of Firefox 55 and my automation tests required Firefox version 45.

In this case, we can NOT use our default latest version of browser.

I faced same issue with my current project with Firfox browser in Ubuntu (Linux) and fixed it by doing the following steps:

ram:~$ apt-cache show firefox | grep Version
Version: 55.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
Version: 45.0.2+build1-0ubuntu1

It list out all available Firefox browser versions in your system.

To deploy the required version, please use this command:

ram:~$ sudo apt-get install firefox=45.0.2+build1-0ubuntu1

Now, we can continue our testing using firefox version 45.

Thank you so much for reading my tutorials.

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