Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tech News for Dev and QA


Like Scala News, in this post, I'm going to update all Technology News useful for any IT Guys: IT, DEV and QA. Please check this post regularly to know more news.

Tech News

  • MongoDB Stitch
         Configure your application backend in the cloud
  • Convert Unix timestamp to Readable Date/time 
         Convert a Date/Time to a Unix timestamp
  • JSON Formatter Tool
  • Gradle 3.5 now available! 
  • Chrome DevTools  Free Tutorial 
  • Nice JSON Formater

  • JSON Validator or Formater

  • To Create Regexpressions easily
  • MongoDB UI Tool or Manager
  • Another useful MongoDB Manager

  • ZAP Security (PEN) Testing Tool      

  • BigData Hadoop Softwares
BigData SoftwareOrganization
Apache HadoopApache Software
ClouderaCloudera Inc.
Microsoft AzureMicrosoft 
IBM BigInsights IBM
Google Cloud DataprocGoogle 
Oracle Big Data ApplianceOracle Corporation

  • Cloud Platform

AWS (Amazon WebService)Amazon
GCP(Google Colud Platform)Google

Stay tuned for further updates to this post to know more news about Technology New.

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