Monday, 15 August 2016

BigData Hadoop News


Just Like Scala News  post, in this post I'm going to update all news regarding BigData, Apache Hadoop and Hadoop Ecosystem.

I will also list all free and best Haoop tutorials here.

Please check this post regularly to know more news.

NOTE:- Please read this post news from bottom to top.

BigData Hadoop Up-to-date News:

  • Good BigData Tutorial at 
  • Apache Hadoop 2.7.2  is relaease on January 25, 2016. It is the latest available stable version.
  • Apache Hadoop 2.7 is release on June 2015
  • Apache Hadoop 2.6.4 is released on 11 February, 2016
  • Apache Hadoop Website

  • Apache Hadoop FAQs at

  • Apache Hadoop 2 is release on 23 May, 2012
  • Apache Hadoop 1.0.0 was release on 27 December, 2011
  • Hadoop First version 0.1.0 was release on April 2006
  • Google has release its GFS(Google File System) paper on October 2003

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