Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Spring Boot: Books To Learn


In this post, I'm going to list all available best books to learn and become expert in Spring Boot Framework easily.

NOTE:- I work as a Pre-release book reviewer for Manning Publications. 

Spring Boot Books:

The following are the most popular and available books to learn Spring Boot Framework:

  • Pro Spring Boot
          From Apress Publications. 
          It's really very nice book for all from novice to experts.

  • Spring Boot in Action
          From Manning Publications. 
          I did review this book in pre-release stage and love to recommend this book to all. 

          It's really very nice book for all from novice to experts.

  • Spring Microservices
         It is from Packt Publishing.
          Best book to develop Microservices with Spring Boot Framework.
  • Spring Boot Cookbook
         It's also from Packt Publishing. 
         If you want to learn Spring Boot with examples, please have a read this book.

  • Learning Spring Boot
         It's also form Packt Publishing.

         It has been release a while ago 
         so it has covered some old version of Spring Boot Framework.

As now-a-days, most of projects are using Microservices to develop their projects, "Spring Microservices" is best book to learn Spring Boot Framework an also Microservices.

Thank you for reading my posts.

If you have any questions or issues, please drop me a comment.

Happy learning Spring Boot!

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