Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Scala News


In this post, I'm going to update all news regarding Scala Ecosystem( Or Scala Technology stack or Scala and it's frameworks & tools). Please check this post regularly to know more news.

Like Scala, Play, Akka, SBT, ScalaTest, Spec2 etc.

NOTE:- Please read this post news from bottom to top.

Scala News

  • Scala 2.12.8 is now available form 04-DEC-2018
This is the first Scala 2.12 release with the license changed to Apache v2.0.

Scala License changed from 3-clause BSD License to the Apache License v2.0.
  • Scala 2.12.7 release on Sept 27th 2018
  • Play Framework 2.7.0-M2 released on July 21st, 2018
  • Play Framework 2.6.17 released on July 19th, 2018
  • Play Framework 2.6.15 released on May 28th, 2018
  • Scala 2.12.6 release on April 27th, 2018
  • Lightbend has now decided to end development of ConductR and is recommending Kubernetes as the preferred deployment platform
  • Scala 2.12.5 release on March 15th, 2018
  • Akka 2.5.11 released on Feb 28th 2018
  • Play Framework 2.6.12 released on March 2nd, 2018
  • Lagom Framework version 1.4.1 released on March 5th 2018
  • Akka 2.5.8 released on Jan 11th 2018 with Reactive Streams 1.0.2 
  • Reactive Streams 1.0.2 released on Dec 19th 2017.
  • Play Framework 2.6.10 released on Dec 21st, 2017
  • Akka 2.5.8 release on Dec 08th, 2017
  • Lagom 1.3.10 is released on November 1, 2017
  • Play 2.6.7 released on November 1, 2017
  • RxScala Latest version: 0.26.5
          Its source code https://github.com/ReactiveX/RxScala
  • Play 2.6.1 released on July 2017
  • Lagom 1.3.5 is released.
  • Getting started with Lightbend Technologies
  • Lightbend to Offer Security Analysis for Scala through HPE Security Fortify integration
  • Akka 2.5.0 Released on April 13th 2017.
  • Play Framework New Features
  • Java/Scala Online Decomplier
  • What is Functional Programming?
  • Play Monadic Actions 
  • Akka Source code and unit tests examples
  • Scala Central January 2017
  • Scala 2.12.0 is out on Nov 03rd, 2016
  • SBT 0.13.13 is out. 
  • Scala JS
  • Awesome Scala
  • Scala Puzzlers
  • Useful Scala Tutorial
  • Scala Online REPL
  • Scala Online Editor/IDE
  • Akka Framework Blog
  • Scala, Play and Akka Free E-books at
  • Typelevel Scala
         Git Repo: https://github.com/typelevel/scala
  • Akka 2.4.9 is available now.
         It is available with Scala 2.11 and Java 8+
  • For Scala beginners, please go through this useful URL
  • Scalatest 3.0.0 is now available.
  • For everyone in London, there is a London Scala UG talk on Aug 02nd 2016 by Susan Potter on "Fearless Deployments (in Scala)”  
  • Scala 2.12.0-M5 is now available.
  • To practice FP in Scala, refer this sample and simple project
  • Dotty is the Next Generation Compiler for Scala

         It's Source code @  https://github.com/lampepfl/dotty
  • Coursera is going to change it's website DNS by June 30th, 2016.
         From www.coursera.org to class.coursera.org 
  • Akka Streams In Practice
  • Scala Certifications
  • Functional Programming In Scala Course from Coursera
  • Popular No.1 Scala book from "The creator of Scala" new release.
        Third edition of "Programming in Scala" (Odersky's) was release on April 21, 2016

  • Scala.js tutorial
  • On-line Scala REPL in Your Browser
  • London Scala User's Group
  • Activator 1.2.7 with Akka 2.3.11
  • On April 05th 2016, "47 Degrees" has joined into "Scala Centre"  as an advisory board member. 
         47 Degrees is a global consulting firm and certified Lightbend and Databricks Partner 
        Their Oficial Website: http://www.47deg.com/
  • 47 Degress Scala Exercises
  • Akka Framework new release
         Akka 2.4.3 (Scala 2.11 and Java 8+)  Released on April 01st, 2016. 
         Akka Framework's official website:  http://akka.io/
  • Scala Centre
         Martin Odersky has announced a Scala Centre to give first class training on
         Scala Language. Check youtube video Below.
  • Scala Centre Website
  • Parallel Programming Course and Certificate from Coursera
  • TypeSafe to LightBend

         TypeSafe company is taking care all Scala Stack Technologies like Scala, Play, Akka, 
         Spark etc. They have renamed this company name to LightBend.
  • Twitter Scala School
  • Scala 2.12 is going to release soon.
  • Scala 2.11.8 is now available. It is released on March 08, 2016. (See my post with all new features list).
  • Scala News on http://scalatimes.com
  • Play 2.5 Framework is release just few days ago.
  • SBT (Scala Build Tool) latest Stable version 0.13.11 was released on Feb 22, 2016.
  • SBT 1.0 updates 
  • Play Framework Twitter Page
  • Scala Language Twitter Page

Stay tuned for further updates to this post to know more news about Scala Technology Stack.

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