Wednesday, 2 December 2015

JMS (Java Messaging Service) Theorical Basics

In this post, we are going to discuss about JMS 1.x and JMS 2.0 Basics theoretically.

So for Oracle has released the following JMS Version.

  • JMS Version 1.0
  • JMS Version 1.1
  • JMS Version 2.0
JMS 2.0 is released as part of Java EE 7. They have plan to release JMS 2.1 as part of Java EE 8 in mid of 2017.

Please go through the following link to learn all those concepts.

I will deliver another set of posts on Practical useful real-time examples for both JMS 1.1 and JMS 2.0.

Sl NoPost TitlePost URL
1Introduction to JMS (Java Messaging System), JMS Components
2JMS Messaging Models: Point-To-Point and Publish/Subscribe
3JMS Administered Objects and JMS Message
4JMS Architecture and JMS API Architecture

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