Monday, 10 November 2014

SBT: Build Tool for Scala


SBT stands for Build Tool for Scala.

SBT is used as a build tool for Scala and Java-based projects. It reduces development time and increases productivity.

SBT uses Scala-based DSL.

Like Java and Dot NET Developers use Ant, Maven and Gradle build tools for automating Java and Dot NET etc Based projects to improve developer productivity, Scala Developers use SBT as their build tool to automate Scala-Based projects.

Like Ant, Maven and Gradle, it’s a build tool for Scala/Play/Akka based applications to automate the compile, build and deployment process.

  • Install SBT tool
         Available sbt version is: 0.13.8
SBT Important commands:

The following are most frequently used SBT commands in developing Scala-based projects.

  • sbt compile
  • To compile all project files.
  • sbt test
  • To run and test all unit tests.
  • sbt run
  • To compile all files, run and test all unit tests and deploy application with single step

  • sbt "test-only  fullypackagname.UnitTestClassname"
  • To run and test only one unit test
  • sbt "run 4444"
  • To run application at specified port number : 4444.

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