Sunday, 1 January 2017

Setup Scala Plugin to IntelliJ IDE


In this post, I will discuss on "How to setup Scala Plug-in to IntelliJ IDE".  I assume that you have already installed JDK , IntellJ IDE.
Please download IntellJ IDE:

How to setup Scala Plug-in to IntelliJ IDE

Scala Plug-in contains the following technologies:

  • Scala
  • Play Framework
  • SBT
  • Scala.js

Please follow the steps below to install Scala Plug-in to IntellJ IDE:

  • Open IntelliJ IDE

  • Click on "Configure" -> "Plugins" option available at right bottom as shown below

  • It opens Plugins window as shown below

        Now click on "Install jetbrains plugins" as shown in the above diagram.

  • Then type "scala" word to see the "Scala Plugin" as shown below

  • Now restart IntelliJ IDE to see those effects.
That's it.

It's time to start Scala/Play Application Development using IntelliJ IDE.

We will develop some Scala/Play Applications in my coming posts.

Thank you for reading my posts.